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Rug Cleaning

North Myrtle Beach & Horry County, SC

Designed to eliminate odor, prevent staining, and simplify cleanup, Scotchgard is a remarkably effective and cost-effective way to improve the look of your interior. However, not having your Scotchgard applied professionally can actually damage your carpet or furnishings.

At Willard's Cleaning Service, we can install Scotchgard to give your property that added layer of protection it needs.

How it Works
In addition to preventing spills and dirt from becoming permanent spots or stains, Scotchgard also makes vacuuming and spill cleanup easier than ever. At Willard's Cleaning Service, we can meticulously apply an even layer of Scotchgard on any surface you want protected from staining or moisture penetration, including:

• Furniture
• Outerwear
• Curtains

If you're tired of fighting to remove stubborn carpet stains day after day, don't struggle any longer. Protect your interior with a Scotchgard application from Willard's Cleaning Service. For more information about our services or to request a quote, call us today.

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